Paper 1


Comprehension and Language Tests

Paper 2

Prose and Poetry either Listed or Optional


The History of Irish


Paper 1

Composition and Comprehension

Paper 2

Poetry and Prose (A or B Syllabus )

Marking Scheme

Honours Ordinary
Oral 25% 25%
Aural 15% 20%
Paper 1 27.50% 30%
Paper 2 32.50% 25%


1. Aural and Comprehension
2. Speaking Irish and Oral Test
3. Written Irish

Marking Scheme
(1) Aural 30%
(2) Comprehension 25%
(3) Oral 25%
(4) Written 25%


Irish is a requirement for entry to the National University of Ireland (NUI) i.e. colleges of UCD, UCC, Galway and Maynooth. So for any courses in these colleges you must have Irish in your Leaving Certificate unless you are exempt by being born outside Ireland, or educated outside Ireland up to the age of 12. The Gardai require it at B level in foundation or D in ordinary: Irish is required to study Nursing in NUI colleges.

You will have to do an exam in Irish for any teaching position or to work as a solicitor or barrister. You can use Irish to satisfy the requirement for a modern language as entry to Trinity College Dublin (TCD provided you have Maths) OR AS THE LANGUAGE OTHER THAN English required for entry to the University of Limerick or Dublin City University.

You will require a C or better in Higher Level Irish if you want to become a Primary Teacher or study Irish at TCD.


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