Guidance in Marian College

The philosophy and aims of the Career Guidance and Counselling Department in Marian College is integral to the Marian College mission statement which is to ”provide opportunities for excellence for all of our students-irrespective of background or means-through the provision of a holistic educational experience which aims at the highest standard of learning.”

The Guidance programme is delivered from the point of entry into the college in 1st Year through each year to the point of graduation in 6th Year. Guidance, in Marian refers to a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence that assists students to make choices. In this context if refers to three main areas:

1. Educational Guidance:

In Marian we strive to support the student’s transition from Primary Education into Secondary Education by developing the following skills:

  • Development of effective Study Skills.
  • Personal Organisational Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Aptitude Assessments

2. Social/Personal Guidance:

  • The Guidance Department in Marian College aims to provide a counselling service which is open, accessible, visible and a safe environment for students and their parents/guardians where appropriate.
  • The school also has a Well-Being programme designed to support students in their holistic development.
  • Students are educated about issues related to “Positive Mental Health” including Bullying and Cyber-Bullying and safe use of social media.

3. Career Choices/Guidance

  • In the Junior Cycle we provide an introduction to Careers Exploration with our “College for Every Student” programme.
  • In Transition year extensive exploration of careers interests takes place prior to students choosing and undertaking their work experience which includes: CV Preparation, Job-networking skills and research.
  • In Fifth and Sixth year students can avail of one to one Careers Guidance appointments.
  • Seminars on the CAO application system, which includes Access routes to college, student finance, grants and scholarships.
  • Guest speakers from various universities, third level institutions and Colleges of Further Education.

The Guidance Counsellor in the school is Mr Kevin Meany.