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Music is an enjoyable and interactive subject offered at Marian college that allows students the opportunity to learn in a collaborative way. Music is offered to all first year students in which they experience a taste of what is included in the curriculum at junior cert level.

At junior cert level, along with music theory and analysis, the students learn to interpret and appreciate a wide range of music genres from classical orchestral music to modern pop. Previous musical experience is not necessary in order for student to choose music as a subject. All abilities are welcome. The ukulele is the core instrument taught in the classroom which is central to the student’s rhythmic and melodic development. Students with previous music experience are also encouraged to bring in their instrument to participate in group performances both inside and outside the classroom. The practical performance element accounts for 25% of the junior cert examination. Students are free to choose an instrument of their choice to perform, with the ukulele being a popular choice. Aural skills, dictation, melody writing and music theory make up the remainder of the exam.

At leaving cert level, the practical performance element accounts for 50% of the leaving cert examination. This heavily weighted component tends to result in students receiving a high grade in their music leaving cert exam. Students further develop their knowledge of basic music theory to study, dissect and critically analyse a range of music works as well as compose melodies, harmonise pieces of music and engage in music technology.

 The music department arranges a number of extra-curricular events each year. Our annual charity music concert takes place every year during Mental Health Awareness week in aid of the ISPCC. Our music students are encouraged to showcase their talents for the staff and school which acts as a great platform for their musical development. The Marian College annual musical takes place every November in collaboration with Muckross Park College. This voluntary programme encourages students to participate in a 10 week rehearsal period along with 3 nights on stage and is an experience that enhances their singing, dancing and social skills. Marian College also participates in Emmanuel, a Christian music concert held each year in The Helix. Participation is voluntary but encouraged amongst all. The choir learn to sing in beautiful harmony and experience a night of performing live music with an ensemble band in front a huge audience.

Music in Marian College is a subject that fosters an appreciation for all cultures, abilities and genres. Students thrive in an environment that acts as a supportive and interactive learning space that encourages the students to become talented young musicians with plenty of opportunities to showcase their developing talent.

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