Marian College is a voluntary non – fee paying Catholic Secondary School in the heart of Dublin 4. It was founded by the Marist Brothers in 1954 and the Marist ethos permeates all aspects of school life. In our school we strive to live out not only the Gospel values, but also, the five Marist values: Family Spirit, Presence, Love of Work, In the Way of Mary ,Simplicity.

We welcome and include many faiths, creeds and beliefs into the Marist Community of Marian College. We attend Mass with the local community and the surrounding schools at the beginning of the year. During the academic year, liturgical services are held (Catholic Schools Week, Marist Schools Week, Advent, Lent and many more) and often facilitated by the local parish priest from Star of the Sea, Sandymount, Fr John McDonagh. The academic year culminates in a Graduation ceremony for 6thyears where we celebrate Mass in the old school hall and a prize giving ceremony follows.

The following is an outline of Religious Education at the College:

1st Year

  • Community
  • World Faith – a short introduction
  • Faith
  • Old Testament and New Testament study
  • The story of Jesus
  • Liturgical events of the year

2nd Year

  • Foundations of religions
  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Faith and Science

3rd Year

  • Morality
  • War
  • Human Rights
  • Conscience
  • Figures of Justice
  • Death and Afterlife


– Morality
– Issues of Justice and Peace
– Racism
– Human Rights
– St Vincent DePaul – links with the local community
– Philosophy
– Mental Health Awareness

5th Year

  • Human Rights
  • Morality
  • New Religious Movements and Cults
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Alcohol/Drug abuse and awareness

6th Year

The 6th year programme takes place on a Monday morning from 9:45 – 11:15am. Usually, a guest speaker from a charity or from a particular background based on themes learned and discussed from T.Y. and 5thyear will speak to the students. The guidance counsellor often gives an input at this time as well. The students are invited to tea/coffee and refreshments half way through these talks. Speaker such as John Lonergan, John Pridmore, Focus Ireland representatives and Holocaust survivors have spoken to 6thyears from time to time. We utilise these times as well for liturgical services that are inclusive of all within a Marist ethos.