Spanish in Marian College

Spanish in Marian College

The Spanish department provides a comprehensive Spanish curriculum at both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.

Spanish Personnel – The department has a staff of five full time teachers who possess extensive expertise and experience. A number of staff members have been involved in in-career development and teaching workshops. The department has a dedicated subject co-ordinator. Regular meetings take place, exploring ways of promoting and developing the Spanish subject within the school, and in recent years the numbers opting for the subject has grown significantly. Spanish has become the most widely chosen second language in the school since 2009.

Spanish at Junior Level

The course aims to develop both receptive and expressive communicative skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), in accordance with the curriculum requirements for Junior Certificate Spanish:

  • Greetings, introductions, dates, school, subjects, family, where you are from, where you live, describing objects, time, food, likes/dislikes, sports and games, daily activities and weekend activities, free time activities, invitations, cinema, shopping, camping, clothing, gifts.
  • Invitations, cinema, shopping, camping, clothing, gifts, holidays, shopping, describing a town, describing a house, time, daily actions, going on a trip, feelings and feeling sick, holidays-actions in the past, asking for directions, shopping, clothes, description of objects (colour, material), daily and spare time actions, immediate plans, school, food and drink, talking about the past, agreement and disagreement, invitations, animals, objects in the house, house chores, actions in the house, at the doctor and parts of the body.
  • Television, computers and video games, reading, plans, amusement parks, the zoo, holidays, surprise parties, materials, tourist visit, school trip, remembering, wishes, from party to party, revision (the town, parts of the body, work, leisure and free time, shops, clothes, routine activity, shops, clothes, school, holidays, weather, time, food and drink).

Spanish at Senior Level

The course aims to develop both receptive and expressive communicative skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), in accordance with the curriculum requirements for Leaving Certificate Spanish: 

  • Youth and modern society, generational conflict, ageism, school, friendship, family, visiting a city, news, pets, plans, history, crime, cooking recipes, household, weather.
  • Ecology and environment, global warming, sustainable development, weather, personality, exchanges, drama and role play, talking about the past, a trip, projects and plans, advertisements, gifts, at the restaurant, tour of Spain.
  • Multiculturalism, immigration, discrimination and prejudice, mass media, health, social problems, bullying, domestic violence, homelessness, crime, terrorism.
  • Mass media, SMS messages and mobile phones, mass media and globalisation and publicity / advertising.
  • Health, diet and healthy lifestyle, obesity, AIDS and education, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • Social problems, homelessness, bullying, crime, terrorism and violence.
  • Women, women today, gender discrimination against young women, young women and modern society diseases.
Spanish in Marian College
Spanish in Marian College

Spanish Facilities

Spanish department has facilities that include:

  • Personal computers with Internet access.
  • Video / DVD.
  • Overhead projectors.
  • CD players.
  • Data projectors.
  • Notice board.
  • White boards.

All Spanish teachers have their own room with posters and student work displayed reflecting the subject area.

The resources and equipment of the department facilitate the application of a wide variety of teaching methodologies, which help cater to the individual needs of the language student.

The computer labs are also used as a teaching resource for language practice and cultural research.

Spanish Department Activities – We as a department try to promote and facilitate the development of the Spanish language and the exploration of Spanish culture through a variety of activities.

Between the members of the department, there is a wealth of experience in working with the State Examination Commission, from Junior Cycle up to Leaving Cert for both written and oral exams.

Spanish Quizzes, Sport Matches, Food Classes, Cinema, Trips, Spanish Club and much more.