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The students are the primary focus of the work of the College. The one common priority that overrides all other matters is our unstinting concern for the welfare of our students and our commitment to ensuring the best possible treatment for every pupil who walks through the gates of the College.

Marian College is a Catholic non-fee-paying school, operating under the Marist philosophy and ethos, which welcomes students from all backgrounds providing that all students and their families support the ethos of the school. The College provides education for boys from first year to sixth year while the special Repeat Leaving certificate programme is open to both boys and girls who have already completed their Leaving Certificate.

In the context of, and within the parameters of, the regulations and programmes of the Department of Education and Science, in the context of the Religious and Educational Philosophy of the Marist Brothers, and in the context of the funding and resources available, Marian College supports the principles of:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Equality of access and participation in the school
  • Parental choice in relation to enrolments
  • Respect for diversity in traditions, values, beliefs, languages and ways of life in society

Because of our special location beside Lansdowne Road DART station, the community served by the College includes not only the local Sandymount parish of Star of the Sea, and the nearby parishes of Haddington Road and Ringsend, but also the traditional areas from Balbriggan to Clontarf along the northern rail links, from Leixlip to Castleknock on the western rail links, from Wicklow to Merrion on the southern rail links and from Palmerstown to Ranelagh on the number 18 bus route.

Marian College is an academic school which welcomes students from the full range of abilities. If an applicant has special educational needs, the College will need information well in advance from the parents or the student’s former school or the relevant Individual Educational Programme so that the College can make application to the Department of Education and Science for the resources necessary to support such a student.

Parents/guardians of new students must make written application for entry to the College on the application form which is available from the secretary’s office.

Each year, seventy-two places for boys are available in our first year programme. An Open Day is held on the last Saturday in September each year.

Whenever the number of applicants for first year exceeds the places available, the Board's selection procedure is as follows:

First priority is given to brothers of present or former students; to sons of staff members and to sons of past pupils of the College who have applied by 30th September in the year prior to entry to the College.

Second priority is given to boys from the following traditional feeder primary schools who have applied by 30th September in the year prior to entry to the College:

  • Star of the Sea Boys National School, Sandymount
  • St Mary’s Boys National School, Haddington Road
  • St Patrick’s Boys National School, Ringsend
  • St Louis National School, Rathmines
  • Harold Boys National School, Dalkey
  • Harold Boys National School, Glasthule
  • Booterstown Boys National School, Booterstown

After places have been allocated to these priority groups, places are allocated to the remaining applicants in the order of the date of application to the College.

Parents will be informed in writing during the first week of October of the year prior to entry to the College if their application has been successful.Unsuccessful applicants will be given their position on a waiting list, and if a successful applicant does not complete the booking process by 19thOctober of that year, then his place will be offered to the person at the head of the waiting list.

Places for boys in second and third year are only available if the total number in the year group is less than seventy-two. Places for boys in fourth year are only available if the total number of students from the College opting for Transition Year is less than forty if two groups) or sixty (if three groups). Places for boys in fifth year and sixth year are only available if the total number in the year group is less than ninety.

Such transfer students may transfer into the school subject to this policy and subject to (1) available space (2) completion of the relevant application form (3), receipt by the College of satisfactory information from the student’s current/former school concerning attendance, educational progress, disabilities and special needs etc [Education Welfare Act Section 20] (4) completion of an interview which satisfies the College as to the reasons for the transfer and value to both the pupil and the College of the transfer.

In the case of seventh year, which is open to both boys and girls, the maximum group size is thirty students, and application will generally be made after the publication of the Leaving Certificate results in August. The fee for repeating the Leaving certificate (excluding exam fees due from non-medical card holders to the DES) is currently €650.

Each student is expected to subscribe to the ethos of the College, to comply with the code of discipline, and to participate fully in the life of the school.

As outlined in the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, and under the terms of Equal Status Act 2000, the board will not refuse to admit as a student at the College a child, in respect of whom an application to be so admitted has been made, except where such refusal is in accordance with the policy of the College published herein under section 15 (2) (d) of the 1998 Education Act. However, it should be noted that the Board of Management reserves the right to refuse an application for admission in exceptional circumstances.

Finally, it should also be noted that, under Section 29 of the Education Act, parents have the right to appeal a refusal by a school to enrol a student.




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