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Extracts from Circular M19/99: Guidelines on Violence in Schools

1. Background
2. Duties of Management Authorities to provide a Safe School environment
3. General Duties on employees to comply with procedures
4. Preventative measures
  (a) External liaison – provision of information to parents
  (b) Internal school procedures
     - admitting parent/visitors to school (need for prior appointments/availability of space for private interviews)
     - arrangements for parent/teacher meetings
     - disciplinary issues (need for a fair and efficient code of behaviour encompassing school rules)
     - complaints procedure – principles of natural justice
     - safeguards for school property/security measure
5. Steps to be followed in the event of an alleged assault
   (a) In the event of an assault, a staff member should not try to resist if cash or goods are the motive for the attack.
   (b) The incident should be immediately reported to the School Principal or Deputy Principal
   (c) Support and counselling will be provided for the victim
   (d) The matter will be reported to the Gardai, where appropriate.
   (e) The details of the incident will be recorded in the Incident Book, and a report made to the Health & Safety Authority as required.
   (f) The Board of Management will be informed of the incident


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