Parent Teacher Association


Parent Teacher Association

The College welcomes and involves parents as partners in the work of the school. Their work is formally recognised…

The College welcomes and involves parents as partners in the work of the school. Their work is formally recognised through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Founded in 1987, the PTA committee consists of two parents representatives from each year group in the school, the two parents on the Board, and Ms. Gráinne McCarthy, representing the staff. The Principal and/or the Deputy Principal also attend meetings of the committee.

The objectives of the Association are

  • to promote better understanding between the management, teachers and parents
  • to provide a voice for parents’ views on the education and social aspects of the College
  • to act in a supportive capacity in promoting the ethos and objectives of the College
  • to help keep parents informed of the College’s policies, activities and plans
  • to assist the College in providing for educational and social projects
  • to affiliate with regional or national parents bodies, where desirable
  • to assist with the financial viability of the school

The current Chairperson of the PTA is Ms. J Versey and the current Secretary is Ms. M Keane. The Parents are also well served by the Home School Liaison (HSL) scheme. The current HSCL Officer is Ms. Gráinne McCarthy.

The aims of the HSL scheme are as follows:

  • to maximise active participation in the learning process of the children in the schools in the scheme, in particular, children who might be at risk of failure
  • to promote active co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies in promoting the educational interests of the children
  • to raise awareness in parents of their own capacities to enhance their children’s educational process and to assist the parents in developing relevant skills
  • to enhance the children’s uptake from education, their retention in the educational system, their continuation to post compulsory secondary education and to third level, and their life long attitudes to learning

Parents have direct access to their sons’ teachers through the Parent Teacher Meetings, and through individual meetings (which can be arranged through ringing the school secretary). In addition, parents are most welcome to contact the school by telephone at any time.